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Board of Trustees

Victoria College became an Independent Specialist College on 1 September 2018 and consequently is now governed by a Board of Trustees.

The Board is led by the Chair of Trustees, Mrs Caroline Lane, who retired as Head of Victoria School in July 2018. She brings with her a wealth of knowledge and experience of working with key stake holder groups: professionals, families, carers and most importantly young people, to ensure the best outcomes for the students at Victoria College.

All the trustees have a great deal of experience and knowledge that not only support but also challenge the College Leadership as necessary.

In addition to the Board of Trustees, Mrs Julie Fardell, Executive Head Teacher takes the role of Accounting Officer and Pauline McKenna the Chief Accounting Officer.

The Board of Trustees is supported in its Administration by Clerk to the Board, Mrs Karen Hodgetts.

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The Board

Name Role Date Appointed
Caroline Lane Chair of Trustees 5 Feb 2018
Julie Fardell Trustee and Accounting Officer 5 Feb 2018
Anne Barnes Trustee 8 Oct 2018
Sadie Bolton Trustee 8 Oct 2018
Parminder Garcha Trustee 5 Dec 2019
John Rodway Trustee 14 Dec 2018
Bill Woodhouse Trustee 8 Oct 2018
Pauline McKenna Chief Financial Officer 8 Oct 2018
Karen Hodgetts Clerk to the Board -

Trustee Profiles

Anne Barnes

My name is Anne, and at the moment my main role in life is as Mother and main carer for my son, aged 20, who has both learning and physical disabilities. My background is in Education, I am a qualified primary school teacher, but for the last twenty years I have been involved with voluntary organisations that support and empower parent carers. I was a Trustee at both Link-Upp Birmingham (which networked parent support groups) and Birmingham Parent Carers Forum. I was also the co-ordinator for a parent carer befriending organisation. Currently I am a volunteer parent trainer for the 'Early Support' parent carer workshops.

I was appointed to the Board on 08.10.18 and undertake part time clerical support at Star Planning and Development. I have also been a Governor of the Victoria and Cherry Oak Federation since February 1998.

Sadie Bolton

I am a mum of three boys, two of whom are special needs and attend Victoria School and Selly Oak School. I have worked in Education as a Careers Adviser for 20 years and previously as a Tutor and a Youth Worker.

I was appointed to the Board on 08.10.18 and am a Trustee of Friends of Victoria School. I am also Chair of Governors at Dame Ellen Pinsent School, appointed in September 2013.

Julie Fardell

I have been a Head Teacher for more than 18 years and a SEN Teacher for more than 38. I have worked in 3 countries, in both the government and independent sectors and with people of all ages. I am a passionate advocate for children and young people with special educational needs and have been the Executive Head Teacher of the Federation since January 2017.

I was appointed to the Board on 05.02.18 and am President of Friends of Victoria School. I have been a Governor of Victoria and Cherry Oak Foundation since my appointment to the role of Executive Headteacher.

Parminder Garcha

Profile to follow.

Karen Hodgetts

I have been employed in an administrative capacity in schools, both state and independent, since 1988. I have been Senior Secretary at Victoria College since September 2017 and part of my remit is to act as Clerk to the Board of Victoria College Limited.

Caroline Lane

I have recently retired from my role as Head of School at Victoria School. I have been involved in Special Education in Birmingham since 2000 and with the College from the beginning of its journey back in 2012. It is a pleasure to still be involved as a Trustee and a member of the Governing Board and especially to have been elected as Chair for the College's first year as an independent College. I look forward to seeing the college develop and grow.

I was appointed to the Board on 05.02.18 and have 100% attendance at meetings. I am a trustee of Edge Academy Trust since 2015. I am also involved with Friends of Victoria School.

Pauline McKenna

I fulfil the role of Strategic Business Manager for Victoria College and the Federation of Cherry Oak School and Victoria School. Since my appointment in May 2017 I have been working closely with all three organisations. My remit of responsibility extends to finance, Human Resources, facilities, office services and IT provision. This has been an exciting year where I have also been able to play a key role in supporting Victoria College's successful transition to a Specialist Post 16 Institution.

John Rodway

John has recently retired from his role as an Executive in the Software Industry. John ran Professional Services teams across Europe, Middle East and Africa implementing computer systems for Companies in a range of Industries. John was previously a Primary School Chair of Governors and Parish Councillor whilst living in Hampshire. John has recently moved to Birmingham with his wife Sherry and is now her carer following her life changing stroke in 2016. John and Sherry have two children, Sam 24 and Katie 21.

I was appointed to the Board on 14.12.18. I am a Director of Callkat Limited and a close friend of the Chair of Governors of Victoria and Cherry Oak Foundation.

Bill Woodhouse

I have been an active Governor in the Federation for many years and have particular strength in business issues, judgement and organisational ability. I combine great integrity, tireless commitment to my responsibilities and a down to earth knowledge of what is possible. I was a warranted Scout leader for over 50 years and am committed to the safeguarding of children and young people.

I was appointed to the Board on 08.10.18. I have been a Governor of the Victoria and Cherry Oak Foundation since 2005.