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Study Programme

We offer a varied programme that gives the learner a core curriculum with additional sessions to meet their personalised needs.

The study programme runs for five days a week, offering a variety of sessions, where not only personalised learning takes place, but the young person will have their health and physical needs met too.

We assess the students on their personal targets in the areas identified in their EHCP and Preparing for Adulthood outcomes, under the headings of: Employment, Independent Living, Community Inclusion and Health. Communication and Cognition are at the forefront of all we do.

Using a holistic approach we can collect evidence of their progress (however small those steps may be) along their journey through college life.

Receiving an Award for Student of the month.
Using our senses to explore items.

Exploring the lights in our sensory room.
Using the hydrotherapy pool, part of the young persons timetable.

Using College Buses for Community Participation, travel within the community.
Visiting the College Nurse, recognising workforce.

Woody, our therapy dog, visiting the students.
Our community fire officer regularly visits the college.