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The Sensory Room

Our Sensory Room has been a brilliant addition to the College. We were extremely lucky that the funds were raised over quite a short period of time to be able to install this facility.

It is really important for our young people with Profound and Multiple Learning difficulties and helps with their daily physiotherapy exercises programmes. It also helps our students to comprehend by using their senses, for example by having audio/visual and tactile input.

The room is also used for holistic therapy sessions such as relaxation and massage including foot massage, head massage, aromatherapy, as well as music and movement.

The main pieces of equipment installed in the room are: big screen projector, audio visual system, LED colour mix floodlights, mirror ball, starry night laser projection, UV light, colour change bubble walls on acrylic mirrors, fibre optic curtain on swing arm, sensory breeze panel, aroma and diffuser Kit, switch controls and pupil switch access.

Our Multi Sensory Room.
Our blue Sensory Room.

Experiencing the different mood lighting.
Enjoying the bubble wall.

Watching the fibre optics.
Reaching for the bubbles.

Enjoying the bubbles and fibre optics.
Relaxing in the Multi Sensory Room.