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College Development - Phase 3

Outdoor Area and Sensory Garden - March to May 2015

Funds have been raised to create an outdoor learning environment within a sheltered courtyard at the newly opened Victoria College.

The area will be resourced with a large Rhino wheelchair accessible greenhouse, a sensory garden, planters, benches, a pergola, shade canopies, a large wooden table, and gardening tools.

Students will use the area for learning and for leisure; they will socialise with friends during break times, and the gardening activities will give them real-world learning experiences outdoors. Students will use all of their senses to participate and learn; they will handle soil and seedlings; water, feed and nurture plants; so producing vegetables and flowers for cooking or decoration. They will learn where food comes from, and how to cook tasty dishes, helping them to lead healthier lifestyles.

The area to be developed.
Another view of the area to be developed.

The outdoor area will be transformed.
More space that will be redeveloped.

The finished space!