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Communication and Sensory Curriculum

Communication is at the centre of all our learning.

We offer a flexible, sensory led programme aimed at engaging our students in a variety of subject areas. These include independent living skills, self-help and independence, art, craft, music, cookery and home management, sport, sensory massage, Sherborne, ICT and creative enterprise.

We use a Total Communication approach encompassing Intensive Interaction, Makaton signing, symbols, on body signing, objects of reference as well as Alternative and Augmentative Communication devices tailored for each individual student.

Our sensory integrated learning programme is based around the five senses of sight, sound, smell, taste and touch. We also take into account the vestibular sense (movement and balance) and the proprioception sense (body position and awareness in space and time).

We feel the key to learning is to engage our students in meaningful activities, delivered at the correct level for their individual, cognitive developmental stage.

Using the eye gaze.
Using a big mak.

Using a switch to use the blender.
Using pictures to make a choice.

Communication through music.
Using symbols at the supermarket.